Charleston Taekwondo is the best choice in South Carolina for Martial Arts, Summer Camp and After School

Kids build Focus and Discipline, Teens find classes designed just for them, and Adults have a workout that helps keep them fit & safe 

Kids build Focus and Discipline, Teens find classes designed just for them, and Adults have a workout that helps keep them fit & safe 

Proudly Serving Hanahan, Summerville, Mount Pleasant and surrounding communities.

Find the Charleston Taekwondo program for you:

Little Tigers
(Ages 3-5)

There's nothing more satisfying than watching your 3-5 year old gain physical and social skills that you know will benefit them for life. Your little one will learn focus, self-confidence and discipline, while getting a full body work out. Preschool Martial Arts teach fantastic martial arts moves plus vital interpersonal skills.

Kids Martial Arts 
(Ages 6-12)

Martial Arts is one of the best possible activities for children. They'll learn to defend themselves physically, but more importantly they'll build the mental and emotional skill sets necessary to conquer challenges like high school, college, and becoming a healthy, balanced adult.

Teen Martial Arts 
(Ages 13+)

Martial Arts is the perfect activity for teenagers! It gives them an outlet for their unique energy through engagement and gross motor skill activity, but at Charleston Taekwondo, they'll do it in a structured class designed and taught just for them. 

Adult Martial Arts

Whether it's losing weight, building muscle, learning to defend yourself, or just having a blast, our Adult Martial Arts classes have what you need. You'll love the high energy class instruction, your body will love the awesome workout, and your spirit will love the camaraderie and positive atmosphere.

After School

Your child's After School hours matter, but if you're a working parent, options aren't just limited; they're often frustrating. But the high quality, movement-based After School childcare alternative at Charleston Taekwondo is exactly what you need!

Summer Camp

Our unique Summer Camps are the perfect solution for your family. Whether you need an entire Summer of Care or just a few weeks of fun. Hands down the best Summer Camp you'll find! 

Day Camps

When school is out, parents usually still have to work! On snow days, teacher inservice days, Holiday breaks and more, we're here for you. Our affordable camps feature fun and movement, arts and crafts and more. Plus, early drop off and late pickup is included free.

Birthday Parties

From setup to clean up, we have you covered! Your child and their friends will play games, be entertained, and even learn real martial arts moves. Parents say it's one of the most unique and coolest parties they've ever been to!

Night Out

Kids LOVE Parent's Night Out at Charleston Taekwondo just almost as much as parents do! It's the super fun alternative to finding a babysitter - no more stressing about how to get a night for yourself!

The best in Hanahan, Summerville & Mount Pleasant

Why Hanahan, Summerville & Mount Pleasant chooses Charleston Taekwondo

Schedule Focused 

Our programs were created for real family schedules. Convenient class times mean that kids, adults, and whole families can improve their quality of life without killing every moment of spare time.

Community Positive

Our positive atmosphere is contagious, and you'll know without a doubt that you're in a place where kids will learn positive habits and adults will make meaningful, lasting friendships.

Values Oriented

All of our programs improve physical prowess, and that's important. But what's far more important is the mental and emotional benefits that our programs bring to everyday life. 

Movement Based

Both kids and adults will gain flexibility, agility, and strength, even if they aren't athletic! They'll love it, because it's not only super fun, it’s inclusive and accommodating at every step. 

Hanahan, Summerville & Mount Pleasant Kids agree:

Kids choose Charleston Taekwondo every time

Amazing Classes

Kids love classes at Charleston Taekwondo because they're unbelievably fun (but parents love them because they build benefits for life!)

Structured Activity

Everything we do is intentionally structured based on our extensive experience. Kids at Charleston Taekwondo actually like the structure, because it makes them feel safe and cared for. They can trust deep down that they're safe to explore and challenge themselves.

Full Inclusion

We take kids’ emotions seriously. The culture at Charleston Taekwondo is one of inclusion - no cliques, no cool kids club, no unkind actions or attitudes. Kids love it because they always feel like they belong!

Awesome Fun!

It's so much fun! At Charleston Taekwondo, we know that getting your child out of the house, in the car, and across town to an activity is a big deal. We guarantee that when they leave, it will have been 100% worth it, every time!

Programs built for real people

Why Adults love Charleston Taekwondo Programs


Our classes were designed specifically for the average person. You'll build skills step by step, without having to be a superstar to see improvement. But stick with it, and you'll see your abilities soar!


You'll will be surrounded by peers striving towards the same goals you are, day in, day out. You'll build friendships and be supported in your individual journey.

Mental Health

We've always known it, but now the science agrees: You must take time for your own mental health. Our classes help you clear your mind, accomplish your goals, and be more healthy, from the inside out.

Physical Skills

It's more than just learning awesome looking moves - it's proprioception, balance, agility and more - physical skills that will remain with and benefit you for the rest of your life. 

What do actual Charleston Taekwondo members say?

We send regular anonymous surveys to our members in our program. Here's a sample of the real feedback we get regularly:

Member Feedback

Our son has found so much value and his sense of self esteem through this Taekwondo dojo. He is excited to go to each class and he comes home afterwards still excited by what he learned and still enjoying the positive energy he received while there.
We highly recommend Charleston Taekwondo.

Member Feedback

We are so impressed with Charleston Taekwondo! They are very organized and really have it together. My son loves it and I have been so happy to see how he is growing and blossoming there. He came home and showed me how he can count to 10 in Korean, showing off his “form”, and in the back seat yesterday I heard him say “control your mind, control your thoughts, control your body!” He is 6yrs old! I was blown away. This place is Awesome!

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Charleston Taekwondo is the favorite choice of South Carolina families for their childrens' and teens' physical, mental and emotional development Plus there’s no better facility for adults to improve their physical health and mental wellness. Schedule a trial today!

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